We need to understand B-12 deficiencies now,
COVID19 will not let us wait.

A sudden and swift shift in healthcare's understanding of B-12 and it's cofactors would benefit us all.


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COVID 19 patients with long haul symptoms need B-12 therapy with cofactors asap.
Highlights for Healthcare professionals-

COVID-19 patients have and are enduring a traumatic event.
*** Intrinsic Factor has been disrupted in the gut.
***Labs can be
very erroneous.
Most patients (~50% Berlin study) were already deficient in B-12 - therefore you are seeing a sudden or faster decline of neuro issues systemically in those patients.

Systemically—B-12 deficiency affects nerves*gut*brain*tissue

More aggressive treatment
with B-12 and its cofactors while monitoring fluid shifts could greatly benefit your patients.


*Serum homocysteine (hcys)

*(MMA) methylmalonic acid

*intrinsic Factor blocking antibody (ifab)








*daily or EOD IM with cofactors for a minimum of 90 days for any
   neuro symptom.


*** 82% of the patients (pt) at northwestern developed neurologic manifestations with COVID-19.


This was a small study due to the volume of pt's and team.

A medical group in Berlin estimates 50% of the western civilization is B-12 deficient. The NW study reflects this at 42%.

My research indicates (I follow a group of ~25k Pernicious Anemics, ASD, Hearing loss, and multiple other support groups) - Patients with neuro symptoms will most likely develop more serious symptoms over the next 2-8 years if (active) B12 is not restored. (This is not a can drink or a simple sublingual.)
ANY Neuro sign needs treatment. AUSTISM, DEMENTIA,  and MENTAL HEALTH disease will increase if this is left untreated.

The reputable studies attached prove B12s involvement in nerve health.

In my personal experience most health care professionals do not fully understand the insidious nature of this deficiency and the care needed for the recovery process.


Note-Labs will be erroneous if your pt has had any B12 drinks or supplements in the last 4 months.

***Serums may be normal even high with the patient in a functional deficit. You must treat if the pt has symptoms. ANY neuro symptom is an indicator of a B-12 deficiency. Left untreated -it can manifest with much more dire consequences in the body years from now.

The Mayo study shows various presentations.

If you are a health care professional, university, or researcher I have contacted- please read the studies and reach out to the CDC with case # CDC-1232781-B4W6H4 if you agree with this information.

My goal is to get a pt protocol established and educate the entire healthcare system to this particularly important topic, asap.
The UK has just instituted initial protocols for their citizens. The groups I follow- people who have been living and researching this deficiency are trying to give them guidance now. It is more complicated than western medicine understands currently-
We have answers. (Bean Davidson, Sally Pacholok RN, BSN, B-12 Society and more…..)

I am happy to engage in conversation on this subject. This is important and critical information for each Covid 19 patient. (and or ~40-50% of the Western population)

 Most healthcare professionals will say nah.... it can't be B-12.... it's not.... it's way more complicated.

What I am trying to do is monumentous. I need my community’s support, your support. Any assistance is appreciated.
All my best,

***NOTE- Fluid shifts can occur***

***NOTE- These tests can be very erroneous. your pt can still be in *functional deficit*. - treat to symptoms.

studies and links for healthcare providers.

more studies 

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