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"This is the fun stuff in life- Let's get creative."

With a rich and varied history in Art, Design, and Medicine - Bean is making an impact through her work with the DEA.


(Her version of the DEA that is- Design, Education, and Art)

Your home can inspire your life and positively impact your journey.

Bean is actively designing and researching how our interiors can promote a positive impact in the life of a child, employee, or loved one.

She is creating “intentional settings” and “productive environments” allowing for growth physically, mentally, and socially.

  • Are you raising children?

  • Trying to lose weight?

  • Looking for your passion?                                                                      

-Our surroundings can make our lives  -independently and socially-   more dynamic and joyous.

Invite Bean in for a personalized living plan. 

2 hour virtual Consultation


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