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Bean comes to us with a rich background in the arts and medicine.

From her Studio in Tampa at Artists Unlimited to her Laboratory in Winter Park, she has created, executed, and managed large scale projects- indoor and out.

She wants to empower your creativity. With her help you can become the artist through her hands and studio. Do you have a keepsake you want to give a new life- instead of living in a closet. Let her help you re-purpose your treasures. Have you always wanted to customize your wardrobe, pantry, dressing room, WE can do that!

Bean can help you and your foundation.

 Do you need a game, an interactive tool for team building?

Making art, in the forms of ……..

     Let’s customize something for you and or your organization.

Let her art inspire your life and positively impact your journey.


Forever drawing or creating at the hospital where Bean worked for 10 years in an ICU, one day a colleague suggested she pursue a degree in commercial art. “that sounds interesting” so off to school she went … ad layouts, logo enhancements, billboard design, and an overwhelming sense that BEAN had found her true calling. That calling was not in the advertising field however, it turns out that an incredible obsession had formed with creating. The ability to leave the hospital and release the toils of the day were what changed her life. A side of her life she could not dismiss or let go.

There was no looking back. 


What's with the name?

Despite many creative                                    attempts to decode the mystery behind…

The explanation is quite simple.

While growing up being called Gina-Bina” by her friends and family, one day a classmate shortened it quaintly to “bean”- and guess what? It stuck! So, to this day most people  fondly refer to her as just plain




- well not so plain

- maybe a few lima’s or kidney’s thrown around just for fun.

Bean is a creative soul with a passion for creative surroundings and human interaction. Blessed with trademark ringlets of golden brown hair she has found her passion and strength in her creativity.

How can she find that for you?


Contact her for your personalized living plan.

What are we making today?

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