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Tailor your home for comfort and play.

In my practice I customize and tailor everyday items to fit a clients home and lifestyle. Often, one size does not fit all- as we know with clothes, shoes,.... glasses (loads of things around us) need either tailoring or "breaking in" Nips, tucks, extensions.... all part of the design process. I've seen clients get disappointed with products or placement of their items or purchases they make themselves - not realizing the need for tailoring and customization. Sometimes things are "plug and play"... not so much with other accents. Scale, texture, color, and well being customizations are important. Life changes and surroundings require maintenance and upkeep. (often) So do we! If your living habits need updated. (or your waistline)- your environment is the solution in many ways. Maybe your preferences have not changed - they don't have to. You can refresh in new ways with a palette you love and still feel nested. The fabrics here were custom designed after this client had looked high and low for a solution for re-upholstery of 2 Bergere chairs and slip seats on a breakfast nook set.

After looking and looking - this client took the option to create her vision with my help. For this project we recreated an existing fabric - adding a cool Japanese fan motif scaled as a background.. We also created a textural leaf design for the breakfast nook chairs, Colors and patterns the client loved

Or, maybe... you have a cool piece that can live another life with some tailoring done with paint. (More pictures to come soon) ... below is the sample board for this project that will be faux finished on the clients existing cream color coffee table. (why buy new?) We customized with a trellis and animal print in metallic that fades at different angles. - it will be a piece of art and a fantastic conversation starter when complete.

Well being area you ask????? Create a place where you can get on the floor and act like a kid. ( or play with the cat) A rug and open space allows you to stretch, use your knees, thighs, and more to get up and down- it can be that simple! Yes- data shows having wellbeing and meditation areas or exercise space in your living and work environment promote better health and lifestyle. It's not one thing- it's many, many, layers that create the whole. Tailor it and have Happy playing!

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