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A story about Covid 19, a laundry room, and a hike... Ready?

I suggested to Mark we re-paint the laundry room during our world Covid hiatus from friends and family.

I started with taking a couple things off the wall and dusting things that accumulate - as life does… took a couple measurements and rendered it to see what our options would look like. See below.

Here’s where the story gets funny.

As he sat on his computer next to me. - I worked on some options for colors or faux….We discussed to paint, paper, mural, graphic??? What should we do? This is how I normally show clients options…1. 2. 3. magic!

After seeing some colors and variation on the walls… He was noodling around the idea of a mural showing perspective – “maybe a body of water” he says. I click away on the keys and pull a picture of a mural I painted a couple years ago and show it to him as he watches…. We discuss….

He says “maybe a scene from one of our frequent hikes” palms, nature, trees…

As he sits next to me looking back at his computer… I click away and look at recent hike photos I can use. Pull a couple into the rendering …. And create what I think is magic.

He turned back to look at my work and I showed him this shot of Carrie climbing a tree. Mark and Richard are already in the tree… It was a fun day.. Then I pan over to show him the other wall….

My man was modeling on our last hike in a beam of light and I happened to catch this beauty shot…. He turned around to see this….. As an option for the Laundry room wall.

Whaddya think?

Using tech to make sure? it’s what a client wants - has been working well for me. Personally and professionally. Thinking about interiors differently. Stay well my friends. Use this time to dust and modify your nests in ways you wouldn't have thought. I'm virtually here to help.

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