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Add a touch of whimsy.

On a hike last weekend (insert nature bathing here- check out the details) I was talking to EcoPeep (a friend of mine) about why I have been successful with my weight loss maintenance. I had a couple of things that came to mind as we walked and talked our 7 miles in the woods... .

1. We are creatures of habit - I suggest we need to change small things around us regularly. Move your furnishings around in ways you would have never imagined. I get this comment all of the time from clients... "head slap, I wouldn't have thought to put "that" there". Use a space to it's highest potential for your success. We all say change is haaard... small ones aren't.

2. Green it up people... with all of the glass and steel and slick around us ... bring in some nature in cool new ways. Loads of data on this topic.

3. Create - make - handcraft your environment. Think of your favorite past-time and design your space around your topic. I/E customize your home and environment to maximize your goals and happiness level.

Living it...

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