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September 25, 2019

In my day to day with

-Lifestyles by Bean-

I am reminded to talk about lifestyle often…

(it is a part of my name after all) I talk about lifestyle, environmental psychology, and….how we feel.

So, lets talk about being vegan for many many years now- and a couple things I’ve learned.


In the last couple of weeks I have been reading about Kim K and her health concerns. I keep being reminded to write this article….


Is it fibromyalgia? Lupus? RA? Test…test…test

I had a similar series of names and tests a couple years ago…. I had weird pain in my forearms that migrated to several areas of my body, pain, electrical shocks, pain, muscle contractions, psychiatric changes, belly changes, and vision changes…. I went from Doc to Doc (including the Mayo Clinic) I kept questioning a B-12 deficiency as the culprit for all of the symptoms and all of the Docs brushed this idea off-

(as I got worse- much worse!)…. Turned out- yup, it was a B-12 deficiency….and... I caught it in time.

With more and more of us exploring meat alternatives and changing our diets – Please think about adding B-12 to your diet- RESEARCH B-12 for yourself and understand the symptoms- because your physician may not understand what a deficiency looks like and how it can be hidden in lab results. If you or a loved one is having multiple symptoms like this …. Please educate yourself and be proactive. The results of not treating a deficiency like this in a timely manner can have long term affects. There is a great book called -

Could It Be B12? by Jeffrey J. Stuart and Sally M. Pacholok

I have been an advocate since I went through such an unbelievable experience with our medical system. But for my personal background in medicine and determination to find the cause of my multi system symptoms- I would have continued to go untreated and get worse, possibly having permanent damage.


A deficiency like this does not just happen to Vegans- however, the less meat in your diet- the less B-12 in your diet. And, every part of your body needs/requires B-12

Happy B-12 awareness week….

How's your Life-styled?


All the Best, Bean



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