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It made me smile. …arrrrWWoooof (said with an Italian accent)

While traveling recently- we stayed in 5 different hotels/apartments.

From family run establishments to five star “swanky”….We experienced it all.

"how do we get into the tub?" "ooohhh these lights are fantastic for bedtime dimming"

In every location we spoke about the spaces that welcomed us or made us scratch our heads with wonder. (has a manager ever “stayed” here?)

I take it all in…. The inspiring little nuggets we find…. And the head-scratchers that I incorporate into my business to help clients see spaces in a different light.

The little guy pictured is the sink in an Italian hotel in Tarvisio. Every time I washed my hands, brushed my teeth, or primped these curls…this little guy gave me.....

A rrrrWWoooof (remember…with an Italian accent)

It made me smile…. I asked the other members of our group if they too, had a friendly face in the dish?.... What? They didn’t

it was only our room?

As I showed the pictures of the sink…smiles all around.

I encourage all of us to think differently about our interiors.

What small detail could you add that would make you smile?

Thanks Tarvisio.

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