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“Love” versus “Value”

I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. M. Sanjayan last night at Rollins speaking about animal preservation and global conservation. WOW – what an impact. He spoke about the difference in “Love” versus “Value”. We love this land but do we value it? When we say we love something it is much different than when we value that same thing. It made me think about how we use that word in design. (ohhh that’s pretty) We may love a fabric, kitchen tile, or a piece of artwork- but do we value it? Do we value our homes, offices, and built environments? My thought is (since your reading) We do not VALUE our environments as much as we should. Take a look around you-

are your interiors promoting a healthier lifestyle? Are they inspiring you? Are you working on projects that stimulate you creatively, enhance your dexterity, or challenge you? Do you garden or get outside…. Do you have more than a screen for entertainment? We may love that sleek new gray building or room with no intricacies, color, or details – but, does it bring us value? We started studying Environmental Psychology in 1960. However, the life of a building or interior is long. (my studio was built in 1959- I get it) That does not mean we start from scratch ... tear down and build new... we should adapt, re-purpose, re-fresh, break tradition, understand how we are being affected by our built environment and be artists.

Be creative with your spaces and look past "Love... to Value". Thank you Dr. M. Sanjayan @Conservation International

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