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Please click the link below and listen to Crystal Chavez with 90.7 WMFE host of NPR.

Crystal interviewed me last week on a spotlight portion of her program.

Over the last several weeks I have been continuing to acquaint myself with being an artist again. It is freeing coming back to this side of my life.

I am working with clients creating floor-plans, window treatments, interior design and custom art.

With a few new people over to the studio/laboratory of late - it always tickles me when I hear someone see the space in which I live and work be amazed at the design and setting. Mouths drop open and words of awe are exclaimed.., (I jest) However, I only jest to some degree. What I feel and hear in these newcomers is a desire to lose some of the norms they have been trained to feel is the "right way" to design their living space.

I challenge any who read this to look at their interiors and find one thing to change. One thing that will change the flow of your day and make it easier,.. one thing you have been meaning to fix because it will allow you out the door a little smoother in the morning,.. one thing that will change your range of motion or allow you to stretch in a different way each day. Maybe, one thing that says- I do not have to follow a "norm" I will be an artist today and create a home that states I live here.

If you need some help- give me a call.

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