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The Surveys Continue


Hello Friends and Family,

Many thanks to all of you who have participated in the surveys thus far. I am still gathering information on these important topics. If you have not taken the survey's- please take the 2 minutes out of your day to answer the short questions in Survey Monkey found here.

Thanks to my past training and the help of many other amazing trained professionals Mark is alive and whole. Many of you know why I am gathering this data- If, you missed it, visit the research page for details on my journey to create programs for healthcare providers. I am doing initial research in the areas of child development, well-being, and weight loss as they relate to interior design.

Everyone I speak to about this topic struggles to realize- this is not something we are talking about in our families, doctor's offices, and home lives. I have watched person after person have that ah ha moment come over them....Our interior spaces impact us. - yes.

I will be sharing more on this in future posts- I hope you enjoy!

I look forward to sharing more in the coming month. So far, the results are quite interesting.

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