Covid times - disclaimer- I will try and keep up, I will make them to the best of my ability, I will try and keep you safe- the best way I know how. Please educate yourself regarding the type of mask you are using and how to properly use them-  I feel we will be using them for the foreseeable future. 

Lifestyles by Bean


We have researched fabric and design and have a high-quality choice for our needs in the foreseeable future.  The mask I am making is made from 3-6 layers of polypropylene. (I have mixed opinions based on research about using cotton) The filtration of the polypropylene is better than just a simple cotton mask- in these days though - use something!

please see research below and my credentials at Linked In.


Straps may vary- (you can change the straps yourself-see the video )


I am making these as fast as I can – Most orders are being fulfilled within days of ordering. Be kind - I will email you when your order is ready to be picked up at my studio front yard or mailed to purchasers outside of the central FL area - 5 per person will be the cap to start.  (if you have a business and need more- please email me for requests)

one size fits most... I have a scaled pattern for 2 youth options. Please send a separate email to discuss youth size. - it is adjustable to fit most adult faces with a very nice seal - pleats allow the fabric to cup away from the mouth. This design has superior fit and is re-usable. 


Wash before wearing.


These are not life saving devices and I am not in any way stating these are medically proven- I do know- with proper use of a mask like this- we can make a difference in the coming months to allow for more social activity- If we all wear masks properly and wash our hands. We can adapt. 


Shelter in Place and Hygiene for Materials -I honor the shelter in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19. All drop offs or pick ups should be left on the porch. I am washing all textiles placing them on the patio. You will wash them again yourselves before use.



Due to volume, please give grace- if you do not receive a response. I am with limited capacity to respond to every email during this time.


Because we will be using masks for the foreseeable future- please note the research below - be educated - be safe.






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  • Hand wash soap and water, hang dry.