HI there...
LBB is offering virtual or in-home room therapy sessions.... what you ask is that? 

We will virtually walk through your space together online and discuss options for change.
LBB has been combining  experience in medicine and design into a specialty called-  environmental psychology-

 We will discuss your goals; you will walk me through your space- (cell phone works) and I will give you some options to lighten your mental and physical load.
How we create the space around us is important. Lighting, greenery, artwork, softness, color, pattern, texture, negative space, body mechanics, hobbies, on and on and on- the 2 hours will fly- have your note pad handy- or better to Zoom and record. Not only will we talk about environmental psychology… I will give you my best advise on some DIY projects to tackle – art is super therapeutic! Most recommendations will be low cost – meant to be kind to the environment and our mental health….

The more joy and peace we have around us as a society RIGHT now…. The better.


 Lifestyles by Bean (LBB)

Approx. 2 hour virtual Consultation

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  • Environmental psychology is the study of transactions between individuals and their physical settings. In these transactions, individuals change the environment, and their behaviour and experiences are changed by the environment.

    Environmental psychology can play an important role in the future as the environmental problems around the world escalate and the development of sustainable behaviors is becoming more pressing. Environmental psychologists and sustainable development practitioners could work together and create a better future.
    Apr 20, 2019