Why these masks are awesome
  • People can see your lips! Which is great for language teachers, working with children or the hearing impared who depend upon non-verbal communication
  • The masks are made of layers of non woven polypropylene. (NWPP) - similar material and construction to surgical masks, but they are washable!
  • The window is made from 4 mil, high temperature resistant, environmentally friendly and non-toxic PET plastic. The PET sheet is sewn on and the seam sealed with fabric fusion glue to seal the stitched line.
  • Each mask is hand made with attention to detail and love.
  • They come in multiple colors - you pick the outside and the trim colors!
  • The strap is soft brown elastic with a scalloped edge - you can adjust or change the straps yourself
  • The fit: The mask is adjustable to fit most adult faces with a very nice seal - pleats allow the fabric to cup away from the mouth.
  • Specify in notes if you prefer the rectangular opening. ("blues" prototype shown with contrasting "sizing ruffle")


Other stuff you should know


  • Please wash before wearing! Just wash with hand soap and leave out to dry...it will dry very quickly.
  • Do NOT leave in direct sunlight for long periods of time as the NWPP will break down. The mask should last for months/years if you treat it nice. 
  • Most orders are being fulfilled within days of ordering, but I make them as fast as I can. I will email you when your order is ready to be picked up at my studio in Winter Park or mailed to you if you selected that option. If you want large quantities, please email me first.
  • Disclaimer: These masks are not hospital grade PPE or have any certifications. They are made to CDC guidelines for cloth masks. With proper use of a mask like this, we can make a difference and save lives.

window masks

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