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  • She has 14 years of service with an industry leader in interior design, home furnishing, and furniture production in the Central Florida Area.

  • She has led a team of up to 13 designers and shares their varied rich background and experiences as her own.

  • She has been an independent artist/creative showcasing her work across the United States and Globally.

  • She has 10 years working in medicine to understand fully- this is the good stuff! "let's have some fun in design"

  • She has cherished her journey in Art and Design for 20 years and is excited to share that publicly again.

"Is Science or Art more important to Humanity?

Bean is of the small percent that say ART! She would be happy to share with you- why.



Bean's Personal Training and Public Speaking

  • How a coffee table can change your life.​Bean believes a well-dressed home can inspire your life and positively impact your journey.

  • Weight loss coaching-the small percent - weight loss of over 100Lbs for over 5 years.

  • B-12 awareness- Healthcare needs our help.

  • CPR and PTSD, letters I had to endure and how it has brought me to this joyous day.

She has been seen speaking at The Dr Phillips Performing Art Center-Pecha Kucha, UCF, The Southern Women’s Home Show, and many many more venues on the importance of how a room (or your coffee table) can impact your life.

She is very passionate about our interiors and how they function for us.

Public Speaking

  • How our homes impact our daily lives.

  • B-12 awareness- healthcare needs our help

  • Weight loss- the small 5 percent that keep it off

  • CPR -In the moment of crisis

Custom art and Curated Personal Collections

Corporate and Private events. Art workshops and Team Building Consultation

Bean brings a rich and varied history to share with you in her work.

Functional Art and Softness

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