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   How do I create a budget if I haven’t done this before? Go online and look at the prices of a few things…then… Get the calculator!

Many clients are amazed when we add up the sofa, chairs, end tables, art, greenery, wall coverings, window treatments, lighting, accessories, Floor coverings, etc etc etc (yes- this is not the complete list of what goes into a well designed room) Don’t panic- add it up and we will discuss how to proceed. Using existing items (yes, use of your current pieces is encouraged) and phase planning

are commonly used when considering budget.


   What if my budget is limited? Most clients will have a specific budget. Working with a designer allows you to make the best decisions for you and the space. LBB get’s creative with items to make the most impact. Sometimes a recommendation might seem counter intuitive because we have been conditioned to think of interiors in a certain way. Designers know what “rules” to break when working on a tight budget.


   Will you discuss budget? ABSOLUTELY- We can dream up a beautiful plan and tease you with it… or we can be realistic. If you do not have a budget and don’t know where to begin- we can come up with a budget together based on your needs and the space. LBB will get the calculator.


   How does pricing work? To start, an initial consultation fee is charged. At the first meeting we discuss the many factors that converge to create your project.  The hour(s) needed for the renderings and visualization will be determined and the scope of the project will be discussed. Depending on the project- discounts on product and services may be passed on to clients. (woop woop- you save $ working with a designer?- yes, designer discounts can be passed to clients.)


2. Transparency-

   Will I know where the products are being sourced? Yes- if you need to know where items are from, what’s in them, how they’re made – just ask.

   How do I know if the design will work? Through education- most people only re-design their home or office once or twice in their lives, this is new to you… LBB get’s it. With over 20 years of experience in this industry we have seen a lot! And we will educate you along the way. Scaled renderings and floorplans work best- scaled drawings of the project reduce any concerns for fit, scale, color, and flow. 

   How does a Designer work?   How do you know my hopes and dreams for the space? LBB is quite different from other Design firms- It is NOT all about the pretty. (What?) It is more than pretty- LBB asks-is it functional, is it inspiring and uplifting, is it aesthetically pleasing, does it promote a healthy life… these are all questions that should be asked of a design in your home, office, or ANY built environment.  On the initial meeting we will get to know each other, your plans for the future, your health goals, your well being goals, your inspirations… and what makes you happy. This should influence the space- not what the neighbors and everyone on Pinterest is doing. LBB focuses on Environmental Psychology (how your environment makes you feel)

Long and short term goals are taken into consideration and you are educated along the way.


3. Phasing-

   Can I implement the design in phases as my budget allows? Yes, believe it or not sometimes we recommend a piece of art or greenery over an end table or chair. Most people think they should start with the large pieces- not always true, we phase, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look along the way. We create focal points and areas of interest to maintain a “finished” look. It is recommended to complete the renderings and scaled Floorplans so you have a blueprint of what the project will grow to become.

   If I phase a project will all of the selections be available when I am ready to purchase? Maybe not- but we have a plan – remember. Doing the scaled renderings and initial recommendation for products allows you to know the scale shape, texture, etc. of an item for replacement when ready.


4. Simplification-

   I always get stuck because there are too many choices- help? LBB narrows the search for you. You are usually presented with a couple options for the project. We discuss and make any adjustments needed prior to ordering.

   I’ve never done this before. Neither have a lot of people. We go to a Dr. a Mechanic, a Plumber, a Contractor for their specialties. Just like you may be an Accountant, or a Teacher. LBB’s specialty is Creativity and Design. We understand this is new to you and are here to make it stress free. (this is the fun stuff)


5. Visualization-

   Do you show me what it will look like when it is complete? Yes. Loads of techy stuff goes into making sure it will fit and so much more. LBB has the latest tech to measure and visualize the project to scale. We look at color, pattern, texture, lighting and more.


   What if I don’t like what you show me? Tell the designer! No good will come from lost communication. Just because the designer likes it doesn’t mean you will. Discuss any concerns and changes – most of the time items are being created just for you and can be modified.

 6.Why -do I choose Lifestyles by Bean?  Interdisciplinary practice and approach to design. Your project is looked at from a background of medicine and design. Environmental psychology is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the interplay between individuals and their surroundings. It examines the way in which the natural environment and our

built environments shape us as individuals. It’s more than just pretty.

7. How long will it take? It depends on the project. Call LBB for a better estimate.

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