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On a hike last weekend (insert nature bathing here- check out the details) I was talking to EcoPeep (a friend of mine) about why I have been successful with my weight loss maintenance. I had a couple of things that came to mind as we walked and talked our 7 miles in the woods... . 1. We are creatures of habit - I suggest we need to change small things around us regularly. Move your furnishings around in ways you would have never imagined. I get this comment all of the time from clients... "head slap, I wouldn't have thought to p

1, 2, 3...

How do you dream of your nest? I created this piece and submitted it to the City of Winter Park for public art- Titled “Feather our Nests” (wish me luck) I’ve been working on 1. public art, 2. a place for collaboration within a community, and 3. making places and spaces work for their occupants. My goal is to create large pieces and installations like this while engaging the community. I created my nest and life to facilitate this, my maintained weight loss, and a happy mind…. – what are you doing? While educating my clients about environmental psychology and how we are affected by the things around us, I am still very reminded of how stuck we are in our environments. If you are looking to m

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